Peak Experience

At Peak Experience we provide a complete website design service, either built on your existing brand or creating one for you.

Web Site Speed
To be effective your web site needs to be fast. If your site is slow to load .. your competitors are just a click away. Our sites are designed using CSS which helps speedy loading.

An exception to this is for websites intended specifically for visual display, where the viewer expects extensive graphics and extended load times.

Ease of use
We design websites that are well organised and easily navigated.

Web Site Promotion and Search Engine Optimisation
It is one thing having a web site and another getting it noticed. We will optimise your web site for search engines and (at a small extra cost) submit your site to the major search engines.

Web Site Prices
Every website is different, so prices will vary.
A basic website will probably have 5 or 6 pages, with one or two photos or illustrations or logos on each page. We can offer a basic package starting from 250 of:
5 pages
Your Logo
1 Image/photo per page
A4 page of text
email links
for (logo/photos/text supplied by you).
Logo designs, extra images etc all possible at extra charge.

Of coure it is vital to keep your site up to date so we will update your site as and when you request. For this we charge an hourly rate of 20 per hour. Minor changes may not take this long, in which case we charge pro rata.

Domain name registration
Many people register their own domain as it is a simple process but we do offer a domain name registration service if you feel you do not wish to do it yourself. Prices liable to change so please ask for a current quote.

Web hosting
We can arrange for your site to be professionally hosted. Packages start from about 30 per year, dependant on the service level you require.

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