26th Nov – Puertito to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

First light saw us away. The surf was most impressive breaking over the reefs and outlying rock off Punta Jandia. A wide berth was given and the course set for Gran Canaria.
Unfortunately with a NW wind it was a hard beat instead of a reach. Clear of the lee of the island there was quite a sea. In the afternoon the wind increased and we had 24 – 25 knots increasing to 30 knots at times. It was a struggle to hold the desired course. The stowage in the cabin was let us say re-arranged. Items which had happily remained in there place for 3 or so months, now decided to move, mostly to the cabin floor.
Eventually with the wind right on the nose the last miles were motored. It rained intermitantly as well. Safely within Las Pamas harbour we anchored amidst other boats at anchor.

4 thoughts on “26th Nov – Puertito to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria”

  1. Hey Chris!! I found your blog. I will take time to read all the previous post and try to find in those the motivation to finally get the guts it takes to break out of mooring and start living an extraordinary life, instead of this ordinary urban life.
    It was nice talking to you and see the inside of your boat.
    Wish you find the best crew partner to cross the Atlantic Ocean.
    I will follow all the seabear adventures.
    Kind regards

  2. Hi Chris,
    Cant comment from my home computer, so doing from work. Loving your blog still and am enjoying your tour of the Canaries. We went to Tenerife, just the once and got a headache going up Tiede from sea level. Dick and Petra spoke of the wind acceleration – think it made some of their passages interesting. When are you thinking of going west?
    Cheers matt

  3. got your blog site off Wendy Hoemaid who said I should look in. Lived facing the Menai Strait for 20 years!! Also sailed to Canaries…….was based in Playa Blanca winter of 1981. Sailed to Corralejo………and up to La Graciosa which was untouched by tourism then. Playa Blanca was lovely……..only a very few tourists – just enough for us to do day charters. How jealous I am reading your blog……….have fun. mike

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