6th & 7th Dec – Pasito Blanco to San Sebastian de la Gomera

Away bright and early but hardly any wind and then none so on with the engine to motor past the cement factory imaginatively named Puerto Cementero. Here we could alter course, bound for the southern tip of Tenerife and we had some wind, a gentle SW’erly. Before long that deserted us by white horse approach from the north announced a North Easterly blow. It blew hard all afternoon and most all night with a long period of a sustained 30 knots and peaks of 35. Down to just the staysail and with big breaking seas it wasn’t really too much fun. We did have a wonderful view of the snow tipped Teide above the clouds and later a big full and bright moon.
Once under the lee of Tenerife , the sea was not so rough and the wind abated and we could see the lights of La Gomera. Just before dawn, calm, just like someone had switched the fan off. The wind returned fitfully later. As we approached La Gomera we could see what a beautiful and rugged island it is.
Eventually just after midday we rounded the big breakwater of San Sebastian harbour and thence into the marina for a berth. It looks like this place will be the perfect antidote to Las Palmas.

Approaching San Sebastian de La Gomera
Approaching San Sebastian de La Gomera
San Sebastian Harbour
San Sebastian Harbour

One thought on “6th & 7th Dec – Pasito Blanco to San Sebastian de la Gomera”

  1. Just found your blog after a confusing search which revealed over 300 blogs under your name (including authors and at least one soft porn merchant – one day I’ll check on my own name to see who I share it with). Anyhow, on 2nd thoughts decided to add -‘sea bear’ and – hey presto! Went for a pint in ‘The Brothers’ pub (the old ‘Shakespear’, up the hill from Sheaf) on Neil’s suggestion; v pleasant and also packed. I think they must also have their own micro-brewery as several hand pumps bore the name of the pub.

    Haven’t yet had time to look thro previous blog entries tho your card arrived last week; it looks like you are giving W African mainland a wide berth – understandable with the Ebola crisis, tho maybe you never intended visiting anyway. Been reading some of my notebooks – especially one from our last trip to Rathlin – so much I had forgotten and some that makes no sense at all (but probably did).

    Things continue here pretty much as previously and I am quite pleased with progress over the last year – usual story of 2 steps + and 1 – ; I discovered at some point at the end of last year that I have lost tonality for higher pitched notes (can’t tell if I’m in tune) which should have been devastating, not to say quite embarrassing (how long had it been that way?) so I’m slowly re-educating my ear so I stay in tune – a long job but worth it if it works. On other matters I’m enjoying the cold weather, not that there’s been much of it but I do enjoy getting back from a bike ride feeling battered by the elements.

    Looks from your latest blog entry like you’re on the verge of the big leap westwards; maybe you have already weighed anchor – ‘Weigh hay and away she goes’ in the words of the shanty. I will simply grind my teeth in an attempt to hide my envy!

    Good luck and safe journey, John B

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