History of Sea Bear

Sea Bear was built by Northshore in 1987 for Joy & Dick Skinner. They paid £39,675.40.

She was registered with Ipswich as being her home port. Over the next 11 years they logged 12,824 n miles in her. They cruised mainly in the north   – Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland and East Germany and south as far as  Les Sables d’Olone.
An account of their cruise to Denmark appears in the Vancouver Yacht Association’s Newsletter of 1995. Dick also wrote a book “The Road to Anywhere” in which he tells of his sailing experiences and of Sea Bear
In all this time they never had a vhf radio as they said “we really do hate the things”.

They fitted a new engine in 1992. They eventually returned her to Chichester and Northshore’s yard to put up for sale in 1998.

The next owner was a NC White but I only know that he sold Sea Bear to J Freddie Jarvis in March 2001

He in turn sold her to Michael Pfeuffer in October 2002.

When she came into Michaels hands the interior was apparently in a poor state but the rest of the boat was sound. He had the interior rebuilt in 2003 by Hamble Yacht Services. He  also carried out a few other worthwhile modifications such as fitting guard rails over the rear dorado vents, extending the guardrail stanchions and fitting a Dickinson Oil heater.

Michael always sailed single handed and long distance – no harbour hopping he said.

I bought Sea Bear in October 2012.

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  1. Hi – I was so delighted to find your blog. Sea Bear was built for my parents, Dick and Joy Skinner, and was a large part of our lives as you can imagine. Dad has written extensively about their adventures with her and I am typing some of his work at the moment – that prompted me to search for Sea Bear, thinking it would be in vain. Then I found her! It is wonderful to think that she is in such fine fettle and having some exciting adventures, as she was always meant to do, and bringing pleasure to another skipper. I shall follow your journeys with interest. Happy sailing. Helen

  2. That is wonderful , I do have a brief letter from them sent to a previous owner, about some of their travels. I am glad that your Dad wrote more. I would be most interested to read more when you have finished typing it up. Will send you my email address.

  3. Hi Chris,
    There is one book that was published some time ago in the UK. My husband and I and our two children emigrated to New Zealand 10 years ago and my parents, in their indomitable adventurous spirit, followed us to settle here in 2010. Dad is now writing again, with the second book about sailing almost finished, and other various works in progress. I know he would be happy to send you a copy of the first book – email me your contact details and I will send one on. Dad is still planning adventures at the age of 85, seems once it is in the blood there it stays!
    Kind regards.

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