Shelter Bay 5th January

Finally Sea Bear was re-launched on 3rd January, it felt great to be back in the water. Felt it was time to get sailing again, a few little jobs to finish off but then a set back and had a disaster afternoon.
There was a drain valve at bottom of fuel tank just checking things over looked like it was leaking a bit, investigating and it fell off in my hand so there I was laying in engine bay with my finger stopping the hole where once the valve was. Like the Dutch boy and the dam trying to stop 30 gals of diesel pouring into the bilges Mmm I thought! Anyway someone heard me shouting and came to help so I was able to tell them where a wooden plug and a hammer was so hammered the plug in the hole.
The reducer between tank and valve had been just a mild steel fitting, not fit for purpose at all and had just corroded away. Lucky that it had happened here where I was able to fix it and not somewhere out at sea
Spent rest of afternoon chasing someone down as I need to empty fuel tank so need big drum and pump etc. Eventually all organised and next morning the tank was pumped out, fitting replaced with new valve and tank refilled.
So planning to set of in the morning, just a short hop up the coast to either Portabelo or Isla Linton.
I will also switch on the Yellow Brick Tracker so there should appear a live position of the boat on the current position page.

4 thoughts on “Shelter Bay 5th January”

  1. Dear Chris, good to hear you’re back on board eventually, but very sorry, really, to learn about your fuel tank drain valve problem. That valve must be the one at the very bottom of the so called fuel tank “sump” and I’m pretty sure it’s the original drain valve fitted by “Northshore” when the boat was built! I used it several times every spring to either drain water from the fuel tank after a winter lay-up or to get some diesel-oil out of the tank for the Dickinson-heater which is very tolerant to some water in it’s fuel. I never noticed any weakness in this valve. Thank’s Goodness this problem happened in port and not at sea!!!
    Lovely boat photograph’s, by the way!!
    Wishing you all the best for your onward voyage!!!
    Best wishes and a Happy New Year to you and Sea Bear, Michael.

  2. Yes it was the one in the sump and yes it could have been very much worse – it doesn’t bear thinking about! Still all fixed now and better than before.
    Thanks for you best wishes Chris

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